Gourmand World Cook Book Award 2010 for Best Vegetarian Cuisine Book in India.

1st Edition


Unique book of Vegetarian Cooking

Since the invention of hearths and earthen ovens over 250,000 years ago, humans have taken an earnest interest in cooking. Cooking has grown from the simple task of heating raw foods to a science and an art form. As the world grows smaller, thanks to fast transport and improvements in food storage technology, we can now enjoy the freshest produce from the farthest reaches of the planet in the comfort of our own homes.

'Unique Book of Vegetarian Cooking' contains over 100 vegetarian recipes from all over the world. The recipes cover the ancient land of China, the lush green countryside of Tuscany, Italy, the spice of Mexico and the breadth of India’s rich and varied culinary culture. The book covers old classics and new favourites such as Tacos, Eggplant Parmesan, Manchurian, Undhiyu, Goan Curry and healthy drinks.

The aim is to allow both seasoned cooks and new students, whether in a fully stocked Indian kitchen or an American kitchen, to enjoy the rich flavours from all over via easy to follow, tried and tested recipes.

Saroj Joshi's A Unique Book of Vegetarian Cooking is now available at Crossword. Over 100 recipes including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Goanese, Parsi, Punjabi, Mughalai, Diet Smoothies, Spinach recipes and Health drinks.

In 2010, Saroj Joshi released the Unique Book of Vegetarian Cooking’ with her take on recipes from al over the world. The book was launched through a multi-city book launch tour at Crossword flagship stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Baroda and Pune.

The book has won the prestigious Gourmand World Cook Book Award 2010 for Best Vegetarian Cuisine Book in India. The book received positive coverage from newspapers such as The Hindu, Mid-Day, Indian Express, and other local papers nationwide.

In 2017, Crossword Book Stores published and launched an updated 2nd edition of Unique Book of Vegetarian Cooking book with new recipes, it is available now in-stores and online as an ebook from Amazon.